(1) The HOCON - Consultancy

HOCON-CONSULTING & ENGINEERING was founded in November 1983 by Dr.-Ing. Wolf C. Hofmann as a consulting office for management and mechanical engineering. For the time being, engineering activities have been concentrated on strategic advice in Materials Handling and on mechanical matters concerning transport and handling of bulk materials and piece-goods.

Successful cooperation in a partnership with qualified engineers representing various disciplines during previous projects has allowed HOCON to broaden the scope of its services. The mining scene and in this case especially the opencast mining technology has an outstanding meaning regarding our engineering activities.

The object of HOCON is to perform advisory services and engineering and training activities in the following fields of technology:

  • mechanical engineering
  • materials handling
  • mining technology
  • mineral processing technology
  • power industry
  • environmental technology

as well as in directly related fields including professional application of electronic data processing.