(3) HOCON's Concept

HOCON-CONSULTING & ENGINEERING is working on the basis of special economical, technical und scientific Know-how in many subjects. HOCON is ready to summon up all his strengths, his experiences, his expert knowledge, and his inventions for his clients in its entirety.

For the HOCON-Team the following principles are relevant:

  • Loyalty, after finishing the mandate, too,
  • Confidential treatment of all documents und results,
  • Flexibility,
  • Unconventional discharging of orders,
  • Working near-to-the-practice,
  • Neutrality.

The HOCON-Team is a partner for his clients. All the efforts are ever guided

  • to win the client's confidence,
  • to handle the cooperation frictionless and effective,
  • to offer criterions as an assistance for decisions,
  • to offer favourable solutions on the basis of special branch of science,
  • to offer economical engineering according to modern technology, science and research,
  • to insert modern devices for increasing the performance,
  • to document the results in an overlooking manner,
  • to advise personally and not to sell recipes.

All our clients should participate from the experience of the HOCON-Team. In general the basis of any project task should be a defined contract. The publication of an order is the result of our binding offer. To eliminate all kinds of misunderstandings and disappointments from the start the project tasks should be described in special terms of references together with the clients. The projects will be prepared in close cooperation between all partners.